Abstract Submission

Instructions for abstract submission:
  1. All abstracts should be formatted like the template provided and submitted via email to nanax10@ist.ac.at before 31 March, 2023. The subject of the email should say ABSTRACT.
  2. Title should be in bold, text in single spaced, and 12 Times Garamond font and maximum length of abstract should be 250 words. 
  3. Presenting author must be identified in bold letters. Presenting authors, first name, surname, email address and full mailing address must be included in the abstract.  The email and mailing addresses of co-authors should be included in the abstract as well.
  4. Indicate if the intended abstract will be for an oral or poster presentation at the top of the abstract.
  5. The abstract acceptance notification will be sent via email to the presenting author communicated by the program committee.